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On November 25th, Al Capurso will be reprising his historical reenactment role of Rev. Stephen R. Smith!

Stephen Rensselaer Smith born 9/27/1787 in Albany County, NY. Died 2/17/1850 in Buffalo, NY, age 63. Buried Forest Lawn Cemetery. Apprentice 1812-1814, ordained 1814 age 27. In 1821 he married Lucy Stillman in Oneida County and had 10 children. Between 1813 and 1849 (36 years), he preached 5,127 sermons in 200 locations, at a great physical cost to his health. He believed Universalism revolves around the teachings of Jesus. It is based on a rational reading of the Bible. He was not a believer in the Trinity. He was against capital punishment and saw it more as revenge than deterrent. He often spoke of the unfair treatment of women. He gave attention to human rights and integrity but did not believe religion was the vehicle to achieve social justice. In 1834, Smith was the most prominent minister in the Universalist Society. He was asked and agreed to give the dedicatory sermon at the newly built Cobblestone Church in Childs.

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