Children’s Church

Children’s Church (Sunday School, Religious Education, or RE)

Known by many names, the Unitarian Universalist approach to RE is life-long.

UUs are famous for our varied curricula

designed to help folks think for themselves

as opposed to being told what to think.

Our 2015-2016 Program featured with a week-long summer vacation school, and then continued in the Fall. Thanks to a generous grant from NYSCU (New York State Convention of Universalist) we were able to offer a program free of tuition


Courtesy of the artist,
Jennie Freiberger,  the Administrator for Miami Valley UU Fellowship in Dayton, Ohio.
Retrieved from:  3/2/2018


Youth RE. Classes at Pullman Memorial Universalist Church benefit from its smaller size They are somewhat akin to a one-room schoolhouse. Older children interact with younger ones – and mentoring relationships between them may develop that can span transitions from child to teen to young adult!

Children’s Church: Members of the church take turns leading the children’s RE classes.  Our main RE room is filled with stimulating materials which include art supplies, books, chalkboard, music, and more. We believe hands-on activities can teach more, and have longer-lasting effects, than lessons simply read from a handbook.

Adult Religious Education at PMUC also takes a variety of forms. Being open to thinking about subjects from other perspectives is key to growing one’s own set of beliefs, and our RE programs for adults build upon what we’ve already learned to enhance our understanding of life.

And, of course, children and youth are invited to attend “adult” RE programs when appropriate.

Overall, we strive to be as inter-generational as we can. We view our members as coming together to form an “extended family” and we want all ages to be in relationship.

We like to have children in our worship services for at least part of the time, and ministers usually have a story to share with them before they go off to Sunday school.

Our pot-luck suppers are enriched by kids and adults “breaking bread” together.

The goal at Pullman Memorial is one of creating an environment where all are honored, respected, and loved – not in spite of one’s age, but because of it.

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