Johnson Pipe Organ, Pullman Memorial Universalist Church
Johnson Pipe Organ, Opus 812

Music is a vital spiritual element in our worship services. We are blessed to have a particularly fine example of a pipe organ.

The organ, Opus 812, considered to be “top of the line”, was purchased from the Johnson & Son Organ Company, Westfield, Mass. in 1894. It arrived in early November; company workmen spent the rest of the month installing it. The organ was reputed to cost $6,000.00. The Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company decorated the pipes after the installation was complete, by applying gold leaf stencil.

The organ contains 22 ranks with 1248 speaking pipes. A Rose water motor was used to supply power to operate the organ. The Rose water motor operated off the municipal water pressure which, in turn, caused a ratchet to move up and down, connected to the bellows. This allowed the church to fore-go hiring a bellows boy to pump the organ.

Johnson Organ Pipes Close-up, Pullman Memorial Universalist Church
Pipes Close-up

In 1948 a set of chimes was added in memory of Thomas Sweet, given by Mae Sweet. In 1959 the organ was electrified and the console moved from the organ loft to the west transept of the church. The rebuilding was done by Carl K. Rademaker of Middleport, NY. In 1994 the console was moved back to its original position in preparation for the church’s centennial. The work was performed by Heritage Pipe Organs of North Tonawanda, NY with the assistance of church volunteers. The restored organ case lights were given by the children of the Sunday School. The organ retains its original facade pipes, most of which are actual speaking pipes.

Bernard Lynch was organist for many, many years in the 1960s and 1970s. He made several recordings of his playing using a tape recorder. These tapes were discovered some years later in a candy box and were converted to mp3 digital format. Two music CDs were issued: “Music from a Candy Box” and “More Music from a Candy Box.” We present here some sample recordings, courtesy of the late Mr. Lynch…



Great Organ
    8' Open Diapason
    8' Viol D'Gamba
    8' Melodia
    8' Dulciana
    4' Octave
    4' Flute D'Amour
2 2/3' Twelfth
    2' Super Octave
    8' Trumpet
   16' Great to Great
    4' Great to Great
   16' Swell to Great
    8' Swell to Great

Swell Organ
   16' Bourdon
    8' Open Diapson
    8' Stopped Diapson
    8' Quintadena
    8' Salicional
    8' Aeoline
    4' Flute Harmonic
    4' Violina
    2' Flautino
    8' Oboe
   16' Swell to Swell
    4' Swell to Swell

Pedal Organ
   16' Diapson
   16' Bourdon
   16' Lieblich Gedeckt (Bdn.)
    8' Violin Cello
    8' Great to Pedal
    8' Swell to Pedal

       Swell & Pedal 1-4, Great & Pedal 1-4, Great to Pedal Reversible, Sforzando 
Crescendo Shoe
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