PMUC Traditions

Chalice Lighting

At the opening of worship at the Pullman Memorial Universalist Church we light a flaming chalice. This practice is common among many UU churches across the world. The chalice unites our members in worship and symbolizes the spirit of our work.

The symbol of the chalice is an ancient one. Fire and light have been an important element in worship for centuries. Today many choose to think that the flaming chalice symbolizes our UU search for truth and meaning. The chalice is steadfast and unchanging; the flame illuminates our way, but is constantly adopting new shapes and hues.

The lighting and the extinguishing of the chalice signify the beginning and end of our common worship time together. While our chalice is unique to us, the symbols unite us with kindred Unitarian Universalists worldwide.

(adapted from the writings of Daniel Hotchkiss)

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Regular Celebrations at Pullman Memorial

Easter Sunday Communion
Worship service at Cobblestone Church (last Sunday of June)
Patriotic service at Cobblestone (first Sunday of July)
Strawberry Festival
Mid-summer picnic (first Sunday of August)
Sundae Sunday (Labor Day weekend)
Water Communion (second Sunday of September)
Thanksgiving potluck dinner (Sunday after the holiday)
Christmas “Eve Eve” service (Dec. 23 at 7 pm)
Monthly potluck dinners (first Mondays at 6:30 pm)

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One of our favorite hymns at PMUC is Spirit of Life. The lyrics express how each of us is grounded in the “roots” of our church family, yet free to use our “wings” to soar with our individual spirit…

Spirit of Life, by Carolyn McDade

Spirit of Life
Come unto me
Sing in my heart
All the stirrings of compassion

Blow in the wind
Rise in the sea
Move in the hand
Giving life the shape of justice

Roots hold me close
Wings set me free
Spirit of life
Come to me
Come to me

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