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If you, your business, or organization help our church restoration and preservation with a naming gift, here is a photo guide to the naming opportunities available in this project.

The unparalleled architectural features of Pullman Memorial (stained glass windows), objects (chairs, fireplaces), and locations (such as rooms) will be “named” with a permanent dedication plaque in honor of your naming gift.

To get started, have a look, then contact us at (585) 589-7181 or pmuc.albion@gmail.com, Or the “Donate” button and we will confirm the availability for each naming gift opportunity. We welcome your questions and comments.


Window key

No.s 1-3:
$6500 for set of 3

No. 1 -or- 3:

No. 2:

No.s 4-6:
$500 each, $1200 for set of 3

No.s 7-8:
$500 each, $800 for set of 2

Minister’s Study Fireplace:  $1500

Parlor Fireplace:



$1000 each

Johnson Pipe Organ With Tiffany Gold Leaf Details:


Many More Historic Options to Come…

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