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Index of Sermons to Read (scroll down page for audio files)

Title Presenter
Cultural Intelligence 101 Rev. John Rex
An Eye Witness Account Rev. John Rex
Patriots With Principles, The Loyal Opposition Rev. John Rex
Exceptionalism Rev. John Rex
ASK NOT Rev. John Rex
Pride Sermon Rev. John Rex
A UU Christmas Sermon Rev. John Rex
It’s All in the Assumptions Rev. Richard Hood
Heroes? Yesterday’s and Today’s Rev. Richard Hood
Rationale for UU Ministry Rev. Donald Reidell
So What’s the Big Deal Rev. Richard Hood
The You in UU and Me Susan Dodge Peters
Continuing Revelation (Outline) Rev. Donald Reidell
A Masterpiece in Our Midst Rev. Richard Hood
Sermon on Blaise Pascal Rev. Donald Reidell
The Sermon on the Mount Rev. Donald Reidell
Spirit Rev. Donald Reidell

Index of Audio Sermons

Historical Sermons in Adobe pdf format

  • Rev. Lewis H. Robinson, pastor from 1921-1941. A collection of his hand-written sermons was discovered in the attic of the parsonage many years after his departure. They are in the process of being digitally scanned and transcribed to be available online. Only the first one was dated.
  • Rev. H. Kelsey Bicknell, pastor from 1967 to 1970. A few typewritten sermons have been located and scanned. They are presented here for your enjoyment.
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